To all of our guests:

We have new guidelines at Sitara Salon Spa

Please read to find out how the team is going to be enforcing new practices to keep everyone safe and sanitary.

Before coming to Sitara:

A short list of questions will be asked of every guest before making an appointment at the Sitara. Including but, not limited to: Have you had a cough? Have you had a fever? Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms in the last 14 days? Are you living with anyone who is currently sick or quarantined? If none of the questions pertain to you and we have set up an appointment we have listed some of our new implications before coming to Sitara below.

Coming into Sitara:

Call us when you arrive so we know you are here. We will be guiding you through Sitara so we can take your temperature, we ask you to sanitize your hands, and make sure you have on a mask before coming into the salon.

We ask that only you come to the salon and do not bring any extra people with you. We ask you do not bring any extra items with you into the salon besides a wallet and phone. Please leave beverages, coats, books, etc. in your car!

Disposable mask will be provided for a $1 charge or you are welcome to bring your own. After you have sanitized, we will then ask you to sign a liability release form per Sitara’s discretion. At this time, we will not be offering beverages, mints, or chocolates to any of our guests.

Do NOT touch on display items

Do NOT sniff items on display

We are only allowing viewing of products at this time, so please ask for assistance to purchase item.

When paying for services or product we recommend using a card to pay and bringing gratuity of any sort in a separate envelop for your team member. We ask you leave the envelope at the front desk to be given to your team member.

Leaving Sitara:

We have promised touch-less greetings and goodbyes for our guests, we have this expectation when we reopen. Please maintain respect for our team members personal space at all times when not performing their service.

We are asking guests to give credit card information over the phone so when checking out we can use that information to check you out without having to touch card, checks, or money. If you do not feel comfortable giving that information over the phone, we ask you read the numbers to us when checking out. If you only have cash or check we ask you place them on the counter for us to pick up. We as a team will be sanitizing ourselves and all equipment used after each checkout.